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Our Maid Cleaners Window Division offers high-quality window washing and screen cleaning services. One of our top goals is to provide our clients with a complete, professional experience. Our services are guaranteed to transform your windows into sparkling clean windows as well as making your screens look really good!

Window standard residential service includes the following

3-Step Process:

1. We begin by removing all screens to hand-wash both sides with a soft

bristle brush using biodegradable soap.

2. We then hand-wash the Interior and Exterior of each window using our exclusive concentrated solution. This step will not only make your windows sparkle but will also form a protective seal on the glass warding off minerals from the elements of weather

3. We finish by cleaning the window tracks and sills.

Window cleaning is recommended three times per year.

Dust storms, rainstorms, and landscaping plus other elements can wreak havoc on your windows, leading to costly window replacements as well as increasing the cost of having your windows cleaned from hard water stains. Homeowners agree that cleaning your windows is one of the most cost-effective home improvements that a person can do in these financial times to maintain the value of their home.

Maid Cleaners Window Service

Maid Cleaners Window Service

Maid Cleaners Window Service

Maid Cleaners LLC

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